3.18 / May the Force be with you

June 28 2012


June 28, 2012. In her feature, marcella faustini laments the absence of a “space for weirdness” in contemporary visual arts where unorthodox means of creating might happen without succumbing to instant commodification. In contrast, Brandon Brown lauds Gabriel Sierra’s complicity with art market conditions, describing the artist's architectural interventions in exhibition spaces as potent acts of resistance on a molecular level; they’re capable of virally infecting institutions with strategies for making utopian renewal possible. His comparison of Sierra’s minor gestures to the destruction of the Death Star in the 1977 film Star Wars reverberates through Edward Burtynsky’s photographs of the massive industries and activities that perpetuate global oil dependency. Individuals are barely visible in the vast scale of Burtynsky’s images, but the photographer reminds us that all artists are capable of being agents for reflecting or countering  seemingly inexorable forces, and as Brown says, of “looking for that little crevasse by which the whole thing falls.” Enjoy—PM


Interview with Edward Burtynsky

Interview with Edward Burtynsky

By Daily Serving

In my heart, I feel that as artists we can hold a mirror up to society and help reflect exactly what we are doing and what type of world we are creating. All types of artists have the ability to take on this task.

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