3.5 / Maybe It Will Fall Apart

November 17 2011


November 17, 2011. In this issue, we are pleased to present Shotgun Reviews by the six finalists for the Asian Contemporary Arts Consortium (ACAC) Writing Fellowship. Michele Carlson, Liz Glass, Joshua Kim, Charlotte Miller, Jeffrey Songco, and Ellen Tani were selected by jurors Britta Erickson, Glen Helfand, Hou Hanru, Santhi Kavuri‐Bauer and myself based on their insights into contemporary Asian art practices and discourses. While providing a platform for emerging writers, the ACAC Writing Fellowship aims to promote and encourage such discourse, particularly around events and exhibitions in the San Francisco Bay Area. This fellowship will invite the recipient to examine where the intersections lie between artists of Asian descent living and working in the Bay Area, those living and working internationally, and artists of non-Asian descent living in Asia. We look forward to announcing the recipient in the coming days and to welcoming a new contributor to Art Practical. - PM


San Francisco’s Indian Autumn

San Francisco’s Indian Autumn

By John Zarobell

The mere act of the museum possessing all of those cultural artifacts testifies to so many relationships of trade and of power. But the appreciation of alternative cultures, that intercultural understanding that is the bedrock of a multicultural community, is celebrated there as well.

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