2.6 / Native Species

December 2 2010


December 2, 2010. The San Francisco Bay Area is known as a region of transplanted natives—individuals who spent their formative years elsewhere, but who feel the inexorable influence of this place. Surrounded by water and fog, its shape-shifting sensibility is cultural as well as geographic: one becomes oneself here. Variations on fluidity pervade this issue: Julio Cesar Morales discusses appropriative economic strategies that blur political and cultural boundaries; Elyse Mallouk examines how the ephemera of dematerialized artworks can morph into entities with their own agency; Michele Carlson explores how audience and subject become interchangeable roles in Audience as Subject at YBCA. But most notably, we offer multiple perspectives on the 29th São Paulo Biennial and concurrent exhibitions. These reviews and shotguns reinforce the idea that we are always operating at a crossroad. We thrive by being in flux, by investigating and absorbing what surrounds us. Enjoy. — PM


Landfill: Part 1

Landfill: Part 1

By Elyse Mallouk

Landfill invests the materials with new value by rereading the objects, which exist in different states of use and intelligibility. It aims to understand the ways these things have been altered by

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