1.12 / Rubbernecking

April 8 2010


April 8, 2010. The ongoing economic crisis looms over Issue 12. In reviewing “Plastic Life,” Laura Cassidy notes the emphasis on adaptability, the human condition that foments creative responses to changing environments.  In contrast, other reviews expose the anxiety and resistance that accompany adaptation.  Randall Miller outlines the perpetually tenuous state of the middle class articulated by Rich Bott’s work, while Brian Andrews homes in on the false promises proffered by American suburbia in “Siege.” Concurrently, though, Genevieve Quick and John Zarobell remind us there is always a longer view, and while these exhibitions illustrate our current, collective psyche, equally telling will be the moment at which they cease to do so.

We are pleased to preview two selections from the upcoming issue of Talking Cure as our Features. Enjoy! —PM.


Here’s Mina for You

Here’s Mina for You


A Plasticine wall of highly produced, packaged, and commercialized music products seems to erect itself whenever I try to enter into the quiet space of self-motivated song making. Help! What do your doubts as an artist feel like, and how do you overcome them?

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