4.1 / Shotgun!

September 25 2012


September 25, 2012. Welcome to the start of Year Four! It's become our tradition to begin the year with an issue that features quick, thoughtful impressions of the new season of exhibitions as well as of events that occurred since our most recent issue in mid-August. The sixteen shotgun reviews by new and returning contributors included here are a first hint of the enthusiasm with which our writers will foster critical dialogue this year. And as with each of the prior years, we consider anew what shape our conversations will take and who will participate. This year, Art Practical ventures further afield, and the shotgun review of Trading Places II at MOCA in Miami is just a first glimpse into content by Art Practical this fall about our favorite Floridian city. But even as we trek out into the world, we refine our sense of San Francisco as our point of origin, and connections across disparate places and sensibilities. Enjoy—PM