2.5 / The Food Issue

November 18 2010


November 18, 2010. For our second thematic issue, Art Practical has departed from its traditional format to consider local artistic practices in the context of our regional preoccupation with food. The San Francisco Bay Area is a prominent, even pioneering voice in a culinary movement that foregrounds all things local, organic, and humanely produced. Motivated by a strong curiosity and an awareness of the increased presence of food being used in artistic contexts, we’ve gathered together perspectives that collectively paint an image of disciplinary evolution and transgression.

As OPENrestaurant cofounder Jerome Waag declares in our first feature, “The boundary between food and the art has now completely blurred.” Our writers take Waag’s claim as their hypothesis. Their methodologies vary, and little consensus exists among their conclusions. We invite you, as readers, to draw your own. - VG