3.12 / We Are, I Am, You Are

March 29 2012


March 29, 2012. Treating identity as a set of accessories is a hallmark of preadolescence, that age when character attributes can be added or shorn as easily as clothing or hair. This mercurial sense of who one is at any particular moment compelled us to invite middle school students to participate in our “Art Smarts” workshop, conceived and produced by Tess Thackara in conjunction with the writing center 826 Valencia. Over three Saturdays, a group of eight incredibly bright and creative individuals gathered to explore and interpret the works included in Portraiture Post Facebook at Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco. The results of their efforts are presented as shotgun reviews in this issue. They focused on individual works of their choosing, and their resulting observations collectively illuminate how portraiture functions as a frame for both subject and viewer. Many thanks to Katie, Rhiannon, Nathan, and the staff at the gallery, to Miranda and Maggie at 826 Valencia, and especially to Aaron, Bella, Britta, Irene, Jade, Kyra, Laura, and Lilah for their words. Enjoy! – PM

Image: Adrienne Rich in 1987. Courtesy of the New York Times.


Interview with Eve Sussman

Interview with Eve Sussman

By Elyse Mallouk

The main thing that ties my work together—and the work seems really different to a lot of people—is that I make a study of the psychology of any given group dynamic. Those psychologies don’t really change over time.We only have a finite amount of emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety, loneliness, desire, whatever. We don’t invent new ones. Technology is not going to give us a new way of feeling.

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Interview with Rineke Dijkstra

Interview with Rineke Dijkstra

By Patricia Maloney

And it’s as if he somehow knows—I mean, that’s what this picture tells me—that this is temporary; this is what we all have to go through. He accepts it somehow.

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Mark Bradford By Daily Serving

Mark Bradford

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