what are you looking at?

8.5 / what are you looking at?

November 17 2017


what are you looking at? is a podcast featuring two queer black women in the Bay Area talking about art, art crushes, art world gossip, regular gossip, and millennial woes. Writer and art critic, Elena Gross, is joined by artist and selfie-queen Jay Katelansky as co-host. Together they take on art, popular culture, and queer black shit!

Featured Episodes:
Episode 1: Rooting for Everybody Black
Episode 3: What's the deal with California?
Episode 4: Black Hoooooles
Episode 8: Bittersweet End Notes


Episode 8: Bittersweet End Notes

Episode 8: Bittersweet End Notes

By Jay Katelansky, Elena Gross

This episode is the season finale of what are you looking at?, and our hosts Jay and Elena reflect on the bittersweet feelings of all different sorts of endings.

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Indira Allegra’s Grieving Technologies

Indira Allegra’s Grieving Technologies

By Anna Martine Whitehead

Grief’s complexity is at the center of much of Indira Allegra’s work, which explores the intersections of loss, disability, and Black feminine physicality. 

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