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Deadline for Miami Shotguns: Oct 23, 2012

By Shotgun Reviews February 1, 2012

Shotgun Reviews is an open forum where the broader community is invited to contribute reviews and commentary. It includes short format pieces (250-400 words) that, as the name implies, offer quick and timely responses to an exhibition, event, or even something you’ve read here. If you are interested in submitting a Shotgun Review for an upcoming issue, please contact Alyse Mason Brill at for guidelines. Please note: on November 13, Art Practical will publish a special issue dedicated to the Miami art scene and we welcome contributions from writers currently living or traveling there. Our next regular issue year will publish on October 23, 2012, and shotguns are currently being accepted for that issue.




Shotgun Review was founded in 2005 by Joseph del Pesco and Scott Oliver. Most of our current regular contributors began their relationship with Art Practical as writers for Shotgun Review. Since October 2009, all shotgun reviews have appeared as part of the issues for Art Practical, and you can see the site's archive at

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