Hermes and Dionysos: Monument to Analysis

By Rob Marks August 13, 2013

#1: Only gods effortlessly become, disintegrating and reintegrating. Arman translates becoming into visceral experience: I feel both inside and outside my body. #2: My body, as (broken) open as Arman’s Hermes, as promising as the infant Dionysus, whom myth reports Hermes protected from Hera. (In this image of the work, a reconception of the Greek original, Dionysus is just visible at the top right held aloft by Hermes displaced arm.) #3: Can Detroit, misused and abandoned, itself play both nurturer and nurtured?



Arman. Hermes and Dionysos: Monument to Analysis, 1986; bronze; 96 x 45 x 30 in. Courtesy of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

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