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By Shotgun Reviews November 5, 2009

From its inception in September 2005, Shotgun Review published reviews spanning the breadth of Bay Area visual arts culture.  Over 90 authors contributed 250 reviews to the site, with an annual readership of 20,000 viewers. The diversity of venues and approaches to art making covered on the site was impressive. And as important, Shotgun Review pointed to a new model for arts criticism, one that was participatory and highly conscious of the audience it served, as well as the culture it is represented.

It remains a crucial part of Art Practical’s mission to preserve the site's model and intent for including both established and emerging voices side by side in a single venue. Shotgun Reviews will remain an open forum where the broader community is invited to contribute reviews and commentary. Additionally, one will be able to access the entirety of the site’s archive from Art Practical.

Shotgun Reviews will appear as short format pieces (250 to 400 words) that, as the name implies, offer quick and timely responses to an exhibition, event, or even something you’ve read here. In preserving this participatory practice we hope to offer a full picture of the interconnected practices of and influences in the Bay Area.

If you are interesting in submitting a Shotgun Review, please send an email to

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