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By Shotgun Reviews March 29, 2012

Masque is a watercolor that was painted in 2012, by Chris Doyle. In this painting, Doyle puts a foggy forest background behind a bright figure in the middle. The figure has vibrant colors and looks like a shaman, who is a person who knows how to heal and use magic. The figure has a helmet on its head and looks like it has a robe flowing from its back. Under what could be a red heart or sandal in the middle of the figure, you can see hands that look like crab pincers, but which are green and coming out of the robe.

The shaman figure looks like it is sending shockwaves throughout the forest, but the dark stripes coming from the “shaman” look like the stripes on a zebra. However, the white on the zebras has been erased so that you just seen its black stripes. Instead of one, there are two zebras.

When you look at Masque in another way, it looks as if there are feet on the top of the shaman figure. And if you look hard enough, you can see that there are two indents on either side of the shaman figure and more above it. An indent straight above the shaman figure makes it look like a mask. When you look at Masque from far away, it looks scary and as if it was going to jump out at you. This is why it is called Masque, and it could be a portrait of a dream or a vision.


Chris Doyle. Masque, 2012; watercolor; 44.5 x 67.5 in. Courtesy of the Artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.


Portraiture Post Facebook is on view at Catharine Clark Gallery, in San Francisco, through April 7, 2012. This review was produced as part of the Art Smarts workshop held in conjunction with 826 Valencia.


Jade Fa is twelve years old. She lives in San Francisco but is originally from Taiwan. She goes to Chinese American International School and is in sixth grade. She loves to draw and to read a lot of books. Her favorite books include The Hunger Games series, the Harry Potter series, and the Warriors series.

Jade Fa

Jade Fa. Self-portrait sketch, 2012. Ink on paper. Courtesy of the Artist.

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