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Imani Jacqueline Brown & Kenneth Pietrobono (Part 1 of 3)

Imani Jacqueline Brown & Kenneth Pietrobono (Part 1 of 3)

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Episode 8: Bittersweet End Notes by Jay Katelansky, Elena Gross

Episode 8: Bittersweet End Notes

what are you looking at

This episode is the season finale of what are you looking at?, and our hosts Jay and Elena reflect on the bittersweet feelings of all different sorts of endings.

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Episode 32: Barnali Ghosh & Anirvan Chatterjee by Weston Teruya

Episode 32: Barnali Ghosh & Anirvan Chatterjee


The Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour guides people across downtown Berkeley as they share stories that explore the multigenerational and intersectional work of South Asian Americans in the region.

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Secrets and Other Superheroes by Genevieve Quick

Secrets and Other Superheroes

Tomorrow We Dreamt of Yesterday

In superhero films, the secret lives of the protagonists are self-protective, ensuring their security within the civilian world. While the secrecy of identities and societies can fortify resistance, it also suggests an absence, one that has parallels to the lack of representation produced by socioeconomic and racial inequality and political oppression.

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Children of Children by Anuradha Vikram

Children of Children


In the exhibition Children of the Children of the Revolution at Stockholm’s Färgfabriken, five artists reckon with the legacies of their revolutionary upbringings.

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Gagged: An Interview with Marcel Alcalá by Nat Marcus

Gagged: An Interview with Marcel Alcalá


To face the precarity of our present day and the psychic freight it offloads onto queer, POC, and undocumented people, Marcel Alcalá stages critiques that are in turn humorous and no-bullshit.

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Episode 29: Imani Jacqueline Brown by Weston Teruya

Episode 29: Imani Jacqueline Brown


New Orleans-based artist, writer, and cultural organizer, Imani Jacqueline Brown, very carefully examines the underlying financial systems that destabilize and shape our lives, whether it be fossil fuel money, predatory development, student debt, or wealthy investment portfolios.

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Episode 7: MFA or Nah by Jay Katelansky, Elena Gross

Episode 7: MFA or Nah

what are you looking at?

Jay and Elena reflect on their post-grad experiences and give some tricks and tips that have helped them survive it (so far).

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Indira Allegra’s Grieving Technologies by Anna Martine Whitehead

Indira Allegra’s Grieving Technologies

Endurance Tests

Grief’s complexity is at the center of much of Indira Allegra’s work, which explores the intersections of loss, disability, and Black feminine physicality. 

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Episode 30: Edgar Arceneaux by Weston Teruya

Episode 30: Edgar Arceneaux


Edgar Arceneaux explores concepts of absolution, redemption, and the participation of audiences and institutions in exploitative systems.

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