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Ala Ebtekar & Dorothy R. Santos by Ala Ebtekar, Dorothy Santos

Ala Ebtekar & Dorothy R. Santos

Between You and Me

"I believe we planted that seed years ago, and I feel fortunate that it’s come to sprout this spring."

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Episode 36: Katie Dorame by Weston Teruya

Episode 36: Katie Dorame


Weston talks with Oakland-based artist Katie Dorame, who creates narratives that explore colonialism and Native American pop-culture representations, leavened with moments of humor.

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Episode 3 (S2): #CareerGoals by Elena Gross, Jay Katelansky

Episode 3 (S2): #CareerGoals

what are you looking at?

Elena and Jay reflect on the decades-long careers of Black artists and consider what their re-emergence says about our current moment and for the future.

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Episode 35: Nancy Hom by Weston Teruya

Episode 35: Nancy Hom


Weston talks with artist, curator, and cultural organizer Nancy Hom, who has served as an anchor and mentor in the Asian American artistic community, creating platforms to support artists, bring together people, and advance social justice work.

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Cybele Lyle: Lured to the Local by Kelly Kirkland

Cybele Lyle: Lured to the Local

New Takes

Cybele Lyle renegotiates her relationship to the rapidly changing landscape of her childhood home: “I feel like I'm seeing a place I've known forever for the first time.”

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Cliff Hengst & Scott Hewicker by Cliff Hengst, Scott Hewicker

Cliff Hengst & Scott Hewicker

Between You and Me

"I keep thinking of Prue Leith from the Great British Baking Show (one of the few things these days that calms my rising anxiety) when she says knowingly to the contestants, 'It has got to be worth the calories.' I’m sure there’s a metaphor for art school in there somewhere."

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Fold, Staple, Embrace: The Body Alive in the Archive by tamara suarez porras

Fold, Staple, Embrace: The Body Alive in the Archive

New Takes

Photographic objects and the subjects within them degrade over time, particularly when discarded through the sieve of archival practices. Do possibilities exist for the body to further live through the photograph? Can photographic objects invoke life over death?

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Episode 1: Sound as Sculpture by Dorothy Santos

Episode 1: Sound as Sculpture


In the first episode of PRNT SCRN, Dorothy explores the history and convergence of analog and digital technologies in the production of experimental sound.

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Magnetic Fields by Glen Helfand

Magnetic Fields

Living & Working

The Bay Area may be losing some of its soul, but there’s a tenacious spirit here that cannot be eradicated. Ultimately, things boil down to our sense of truth and empathy.

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Episode 2, (S2): Deep In My Feelings by Elena Gross, Jay Katelansky

Episode 2, (S2): Deep In My Feelings

what are you looking at?

On this episode, Jay and Elena visit Bay Area Now 8, the YBCA triennial exhibition, and talk about faves and feelings.

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Episode 34: Dinh Q. Lê by Weston Teruya

Episode 34: Dinh Q. Lê


In this (un)making episode, Weston talks with Ho Chi Minh City-based artist, curator, and cultural organizer Dinh Q. Lê.

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