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Living & Working: Mik Gaspay & Kija Lucas by Art Practical Editors

Living & Working: Mik Gaspay & Kija Lucas

Living & Working

Mik Gaspay and Kija Lucas share an intimate conversation about their experiences growing up in Palo Alto, and the paths that led them to becoming Bay Area-based artists. 

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Emory Douglas: Art + Survival by Art Practical Editors

Emory Douglas: Art + Survival

AP Events

Emory Douglas sits down with the California College of the Arts (CCA) Students of Color Coalition in a roundtable conversation.​

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Episode 40: Maya Stovall by Weston Teruya

Episode 40: Maya Stovall


Weston Teruya speaks with artist Maya Stovall about her interrogations in ethnographic traditions and the expectations of artists in public practice.

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Episode 6: The Value of Doing Nothing by Dorothy R. Santos

Episode 6: The Value of Doing Nothing


Dorothy R. Santos speaks with Jenny Odell about exercises in attention, space for refusal, bonding over our experience of an Ellsworth Kelly painting at the SFMOMA, and much more. 

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Episode 39: Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt by Weston Teruya

Episode 39: Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt


Weston Teruya speaks with Honolulu-based artist Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt about her methodologies on understanding the land and de-centering the United States.

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Returning to Prison: Future IDs at Alcatraz by Brian Karl

Returning to Prison: Future IDs at Alcatraz


Future IDs intervenes in the cycle of hollow tourism by inserting the stories of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals into Alcatraz, complicating the site’s own story.

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The Metrics of Backpacks by Victoria Gannon

The Metrics of Backpacks

Living & Working

"The backpacks of my youth were not optimized. They had padded straps and meaningless loops that dangled like ponytails."

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Sofía Córdova at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park by Sofía Córdova

Sofía Córdova at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

Living & Working

Artist and musician, Sofía Córdova, takes us to the "foot" of the tech empire to talk to us about the intersections of art, climate change, and finding one's community in an apocalyptic Oakland.

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